Zoe Trope
Please Don't Kill the Freshman
$4.95 US/$6.95 Canada
ISBN: 1-892061-13-9

Please Don't Kill the Freshman is the true tale of one Portland girl's
first year of high school. It signals the emergence of a true and totally
original voice in the world of underground writing. Written at the start of
the new century, while the author was just fourteen, PDKTF is a brilliant
and entertaining look at what really happens in today's high schools.
Includes an introduction by Kevin Sampsell, who discovered Trope in a
creative writing program he taught in 2000. this book, just published in
October, is already in its second printing.

Zoe Trope is a sophomore at a Portland area high school (member of class of
2004). Her e-mail is zoe_trope@hotmail.com