Special announcement from Kevin:

Since my early days of becoming obsessed with collage art, I’ve been wanting to find a way that Future Tense can get in on the magic of this groundbreaking form. I’d love to someday publish books by artists! But in the meantime, I present to you the debut of Sharp Hands Gallery, our Internet hype center for a worldwide cast of collage stars. I created this site with fellow collage artist, Cheryl Chudyk, and we’ll be curating a show (featuring six artists debuting new works) four times a year. Our amazing first show brings you new work by Steve Reynolds (Wolves of Suburbia), Feransis, Miss.Printed, Mark Watkins, Mel Lineham, and Rhed Fawell.

Come on in.

Be Careful What You Wish For
collage collaboration: Sampsell/Chudyk