I wish small press publishing was smoother sailing. You know: high volume book sales, lots of easy publicity, working with printers without hitting snags, getting wide distribution, mailing books for reasonable prices. All those concerns can result in anxiety, pressure, and discouragement if you let the game get to you. But when things go right, it’s rewarding and satisfying to put a book out in the world. I’ve maintained a drive to keep Future Tense an exciting player in the literary world, hustling and hyping books and authors for thirty years now, and it’s been so wonderful.

But sometimes more than drive, you need money, and with some terribly timed and horribly expensive medical bills looming in the very near future, I decided to launch a GoFundMe page to help out. (Don’t worry. My health is okay. Expensive, yes, but okay for now, nonetheless.)

Honestly, I’m not a fan of asking for donations, so if you’d rather show support by purchasing books, please: go wild! This is the first fundraiser I’ve done for the press in over ten years. In early 2012, we ran a Kickstarter that was very successful and fun. The money raised for this one will go toward the production of the next three titles (by Katie Gene Friedman, Parker Young, and Jennifer Robin) before we open up our submission period again (next spring, time window tbd). Thank you so much for helping. Let’s gooooo!

Thank you,