Runaways (Limited Edition hardcover) by Michael J. Seidlinger



In Runaways: A Writer’s Dilemma, author Michael J. Seidlinger centers a magnifying glass on the creative journey, with an honest and unabashed search into how and why someone would want to be accepted as a writer in a world that might not care.

The book’s breezy narrative contrasts with the despair that is often triggered by the wasteland of social media and the Internet. This is a story that reminds the reader that they aren’t alone in a culture that pressures us to measure our work on a purely capitalistic level, driven by likes, hearts, and money. Like a darker and more skewed literary version of the metaphysical classic, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Seidlinger’s Runaways: A Writer’s Dilemma shows us how our art, often made in solitary, can be the more important and inspiring part of living.

“A portrait of the writer as a procrastinator, professional self-doubter, caffeine connoisseur, and social-media addict, Runaways wallows in the manifold frustrations of this extravagantly frustrating process——yet it ultimately left this fellow sufferer feeling optimistic and ready to confront the blank page once more.”

—Mason Currey, author of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

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Michael J. Seidlinger is a Filipino American author of My Pet Serial KillerDreams of Being, and other books. He has written for, among others, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, Goodreads, The Observer, Polygon, The Believer, and Publishers Weekly. He teaches at Portland State University and has led workshops at Catapult, Kettle Pond Writer’s Conference, and Sarah Lawrence.

ISBN 978-1-892061-91-1, 86 pages
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Publication date for this book is October 7th, 2021.