Wish You Were Me by Myriam Gurba


48 pages
ISBN 978-1-892061-40-9

Wish You Were Me is Myriam Gurba’s bizarre and uproarious follow-up to her award-winning first novella and story collection, Dahlia Season. There are some weird and unexplored thought patterns happening here. Gurba is a fierce pioneer in the gooey guts of our emotional and sexual zeitgeist.

“Myriam Gurba just blows me away. Her wit, her perversion, her sharp female smarts, her total fearlessness. I gasp and I gasp as I read her work because I can’t believe she said that! It’s not shocking, it’s a relief. Okay it’s a little bit shocking, too. All the best writing makes you come undone a little and Myriam is not afraid to stick her fingernails into your psyche and pull.” –Michelle Tea

“Wish You Were Me is funny. Achingly funny. Uncomfortably funny, and that’s the best kind of funny. It’s the kind of humor you’ll never forget and it’s the kind of book you’ll find necessary to subject your friends to.” –Mary Van Note

Myriam Gurba lives in Long Beach, California and is the author of Dahlia Season (Future Tense/Manic D Press), which won the Edmund White Award for debut fiction. She has toured and performed with Sister Spit and her writing has appeared in anthologies and magazines such as make/shift and Garage.

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