We’re hyped up about the two new books we have planned for 2018.

First off, this summer will be the release of Genevieve Hudson’s debut collection of short stories, Pretend We Live Here. Hudson’s vivid fiction explore youth, sexuality, gender, home, and how histories and dreams turn into stories. Currently living in Amsterdam, Genevieve has also lived in Alabama and Oregon. Her first book, A Little In Love With Everyone, just came out from Fiction Advocate (even though it’s nonfiction!). Learn more about her on her website and follow her on Twitter.

Genevieve Hudson


In October, we’ll continue our Scout Books chapbook series with an amazing essay by Portland writer, artist, designer, and Free Form Radio host, Felicity Fenton. It’s called User Not Found and it’s a sharp, funny, and perverse thought piece about trying to get off the Internet and its social walls. It’s also about art, publicity, boredom, people who unfriend you, and the real world around us.

Felicity Fenton

See more about Felicity and her various projects on her website.


We also will be releasing the chapbook version of Elissa Washuta’s Starvation Mode at some point so stay tuned for that.

Elissa Washuta

In the meantime, you can read that (and other books) in our Instant Future series.