Hi friends,

It’s funny how sometimes when you try to “take a break” you end up getting even busier than you usually are. Since last fall, we’ve launched our new eBook series, Instant Future. We started it off with the amazing Litsa Dremousis and her “mini-memoir” Altitude Sickness.

After Litsa’s book, we put out the fantastic debut of Zach Ellis, Being. We’re about to put out Elissa Washuta’s Starvation Mode. We’re really excited about this new series, edited by the legendary Matthew Simmons. I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

We’ve also been busy trying to keep up with all the great attention that all of our 2014 releases garnered. From Chelsea Hodson’s Pity the Animal (which is already sold out but check out the eBook and her new album on Black Cake!) to Wendy Ortiz’s Excavation.

Not to mention my own personal addiction . . . to collaging!

This month, we launch the debut of Troy James Weaver’s Witchita Stories. Here’s a great review in Revolution John. Troy also has another book out already and started up his first Tumblr. It’s always really exciting for us to launch a new author into the world. We think you’ll be hearing from Troy for a long time. I mean, what else is he going to do in Kansas but write books!

We’re working on our other releases for this year. Stay tuned for news on all of that. But to stay better on top of things, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank YOU for reading!