I Remember by Shane Allison


ISBN: 978-1-892061-41-6

Inspired by the underground classic, I Remember by Joe Brainard, Shane Allison takes us on a fragmented, lustful, and poetic tour of his life, from a turbulent childhood in Florida to his life in New York City. Allison’s book is an epic poem/memoir full of frozen moments that capture a sexual, cultural, and emotional coming of age.

“Shane Allison taps directly into memory, like a faucet pushed into a maple tree to procure the sweet syrup. Sexy things, embarrassing things, the ugly and the fraught, the things of the child and the things of the man, all pour out in profusion. His testimony–of bullying, racism, and casual homophobia, but also the best rimjob he ever had–has the power to dismantle centuries of chains, the crippling superego.” –Kevin Killian

Shane Allison has published stories and poems in countless magazines and journals. He has also edited numerous anthologies of queer writing and is the author of the collections, Black Fag (Future Tense Books, 2004, out of print), I Want to Eat Chinese Food Off Your Ass (Propaganda Press, 2008), and Slut Machine (Rebel Satori Press, 2011).

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