Ventriloquism by Prathna Lor


48 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-892061-38-6
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Ventriloquism is the long-awaited print debut of this mysterious young Canadian author.

Lor’s quick stories are both darkly funny and emotionally unsettling, with a style that focuses heavily on amazing sentences and sexually ambiguous undertones.

Read more about Prathna at his web site and check out his previous e-book,Safe Toilet Syndrome.

“Lor takes the L from Lutz (Gary) and the L from Lydia (Davis) and adds an either-or of elegantly psychotic desire. Imagine Hannibal Lecter talking to the moon. Imagine a man in a suit petting a whale carcass. Prathna Lor puts his hand up in these voices and makes us remember every way a mouth can move.” –Mike Young, author of We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough

These hilariously original crazings and sorceries of language and of feeling let us in, at last, on all the secrets we’ve been keeping from ourselves. Prathna Lor is a dazzler. –Gary Lutz, author of Stories In the Worst Way

“Somehow objects get Prathna Lor to talk for them. When he was visited by a screen protector, and witchcraft, and Israel, he knew what to make them say, and they knew how to make him say it. Where I live I am visited by many floating images, but none of them are a king lowering himself onto a cock. So I am glad I have Ventriloquism here, and that it talks.” –Evelyn Hampton, author of We Were Eternal and Gigantic